Rationale for and purpose of the learning programme (as outlined in the qualification document)


The Diploma in Banking and Finance programme prepares learners to work in an increasingly competitive banking and finance environment. It fosters a culture of due diligence and compliance with relevant international and national standards and legislation instruments such as the International Financing Reporting Standards (IFRS), the USA Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FACTA), Botswana Banking Act, Bank of Botswana Act, Financial Intelligence Act and recommendations of Financial Action Task Force (FATF). A workforce that conforms to national and international regulatory frameworks presents an opportunity for a thriving economy, as through practice of due diligence, it protects the country against international economic penalties and sanctions associated with non-compliance issues concerning money-laundering (Global Anti-Money Laundering Survey, 2014). For Botswana to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) and to be the regional finance hub it aspires to be, is requires a highly competitive workforce in the banking and finance industry that will be able to effectively cope with the skills demands of the 4th industrial revolution. There is a continuous drive in the banking and finance sector to engage qualified individuals, or to upskill existing staff based on industry trends, and regulatory requirements.

The programme responds to these new challenges by providing learners with the requisite knowledge and skills in banking, investment, customer service, regulatory framework, economics, accounting, finance and information technology. Learners will learn and apply business communication skills, business mathematical and accounting skills, collect and integrate basic financial data for use in investment decisions and demonstrate basic knowledge in economics, law, management, marketing, risk management, statistics, taxation and insurance. This programme further aims to prepare an all-rounded ethical banker with the right attitude to effectively serve the banking and finance sector in a competitive business environment.


The purpose of this programme is to prepare learners to perform a range of functions in banks and other non-banking financial institutions such as commerce, industry, insurance, private and public enterprises. The programme will empower learners with sound theoretical and practical knowledge to effectively and professionally perform various functions in the ever changing banking and financial industry while also mitigating against the risks inherent to the sector.




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